Tom Russell Portrait
Tom Russell: An American Colorist

With powerful and diverse artistic influences including traditional African, Mexican, and Native American art, coupled with a passion for the bold use of color and expressionism reminiscent of Fritz Scholder, Tom Russell began his commitment to painting in a secluded adobe studio in the Texas badlands along the Rio Grande. READ MORE...

After more than a decade of dedicated effort to his vision and craft, Russell's bold and colorful figures ranging from haunting to playful have come to life and resonated with a world-wide audience. Complex textures, patterns, and unexpected colors unite an underlying tension within the subjects and their often historical context. Suggestions of buried stories rise to the surface.

Russell's published art book, Blue Horse Red Desert, The Art of Tom Russell, with its opening essay Paint and Blood, chronicles his journey from the war torn Nigeria of 1969, through the early years of his music career, to his realization that he had no choice but to write, make music AND paint. This man is not simply a singer/songwriter who also paints, but a driven artist who does not allow his creative energy to be governed by the marketplace or defined, labeled, or categorized for the convenience of others.

"Tom Russell’s art brings together primitive, Native American, Southwestern and Mexican influences, as he does in his music, with an eye as keen as his ear." - Monte Hellman, Film Director, Two Lane Blacktop and The Road to Nowhere.

"We have three Tom Russells at home, and another became the cover of the album we made together in 2009. Tom’s paintings are much like his songs: deeply original, unsentimental, and unflichingly honest." - Gretchen Peters & Barry Walsh, Recording Artists

"Tom is one of the great Renaissance men of our times – songwriter, painter, novelist, essayist, filmmaker, you name it." - Paul Zarzyski, Author, 51

"Tom Russell is Johnny Cash, Jim Harrison and Charles Bukowski rolled into one. I feel a great affinity with Tom Russell’s songs, for he is writing out of the wounded heart of America." - Laurence Ferlinghetti, Author, Coney Island of the Mind

"Tom Russell is an original, a brilliant songwriter with a restless curiosity and an almost violent imagination." - Annie Proulx, Author, The Shipping News and Close Range

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