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ArtBeat Gallery: About Us

The concept for ArtBeat Gallery was developed to promote the fine art of one of the most remarkably creative individuals I've ever encountered; Tom Russell. As an experienced art collector and student of art history, I immediately recognized his powerful and unrestrained approach to painting upon seeing it in person for the first time in a Santa Fe Gallery, The Rainbow Man. And the first of many Tom Russell paintings found its way to my home on that day.

"We believe that quality, education, and customer service are absolutely essential to this business."

As our business relationship and friendship grew simultaneously, Tom and I kicked thoughts and ideas about art and the art business back and forth on a routine basis, without any filters or sacred cows. Just open expression based on what we believe as individuals... gut reactions to whatever topic was on our minds. This process led to the idea that all of Tom's art that is available for purchase should be shown on a single website, regardless of where the art physically resides, or which gallery is selling the art. A novel idea given the territorial, competitive, and often soul-less nature of the business of selling art. As people who are passionate about art, we enthusiastically decided to break the rules and establish a non-traditional model for making Tom's art available to his growing number of collectors. That model is ArtBeat Gallery.

When you view an image of an original Tom Russell work of art, in addition to the specific information related to that art, you will see which art gallery is selling that original painting or print. A link will also be provided to direct you to the appropriate gallery to arrange for purchase, shipping, etc.

ArtBeat Gallery serves as the viewing portal where you can check out all of Tom's available art in one website, then go to the appropriate gallery to inquire about the art and complete a purchase.

We believe that quality, education, and customer service are absolutely essential to this business. As part of the customer service commitment, prices will ALWAYS be listed for each work of art. Additionally, we have established a Facebook page for ArtBeat Gallery, and will be issuing a periodic newsletter as a method for providing information related to Arts and Culture, in a broad sense, to anyone who wants to be included on the newsletter distribution. I hope that you enjoy ArtBeat Gallery and I look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you. Please call me at (970) 361-7490 if you ever have questions or comments about Tom's art, or anything else for that matter.

All the best to you, and thank you for your support of the arts,

Mike Hurshman